Proton Therapy Center

Our 10 step process for each project:

1) A potential project is identified in certain geographic location by investors, local partners, or us.

2) We make an initial evaluation of feasibility and market analysis by analyzing the local-regional patient need, current competitors, also multiple factors such as macro-economic environment, infrastructures, government stability and efficiency, availability of educated work force, tax and currency, and foreign business regulations, corruptions/crimes.

3) Develop the business plan (Proforma) in collaboration with local partners, investors, and clinical/technological partners.

4) Create a local Special Purpose Company (SPC) for that particular project.

5) Secure financing - capital and loan

6) Architecture design and obtaining permits

7) Construction of the project

8) Acquisition and installation of the equipments, IT and software

9) Staffing planning and training. Setting up operation procedures and treatment protocols.

10) Market the center and networking with local regional healthcare providers and insurers